Let’s face it, we live in a high tech world. Each and every day we enter the digital realm for a variety of reasons. In doing so, most websites require you to set up an account. With that comes a whole list of usernames and passwords that you have to remember. That can be a bit difficult, as we have accounts for hundreds of websites. Who could keep all that straight?

Do you ever wish you had an application that could remember your passwords? Are you worried about security? Security is a huge worry when it comes to online passwords, because many of these websites we include credit card numbers or personal information within the account that we set up. On this site, you will find a spy app called flexispy which allows someone to read the passwords contained in your mobile devices.

You’re in luck, LastPass is a software application that remembers your passwords for you. You no longer have to reset your passwords multiple times, because you keep forgetting which password goes with what web site. Once the software is downloaded, LastPass will always be with you, rather you are logging in, creating a password for a new account, or generating an order.



You will need to set up a new user account, which will include an email and an extra secure password. However, this will be the last password that you will have to remember. You will need to download the software version that is suggested for your browser. Once the download is complete, LastPass will be displayed as an add-on in your web browser. You will need to click into the software application, and login to get started.

LastPass free download:

Saving Passwords

Once you have logged into your LastPass account, begin going to the sites that you have accounts set up for. When visiting these sites, you will be asked if you want LassPass to securely keep your login details. You will be able to focus on the things that matter, rather than trying to guess a password. LassPass will ensure you waste no time getting to the content that you need. This software will do all the brain work, so you can get on with the things that need to be tended to. The time saved with the use of LassPass is worth so much to the individuals who live busy lifestyles.


To ensure that you are protected, the LassPass application uses an AES 256-bit encryption, which basically means your data stored in LastPass is highly guarded. Your information goes through a local encryption and decryption before it even reaches the LastPass software. Your information remains on your system, and is never unveiled to LastPass. Therefore, your sensitive material is only obtainable by you.

There is an option to secure your LastPass login even more. You can include a second login measure that must be reached before accessing your information. This is just another way the makers of Lastpass ensures security and privacy.

One Account

There is never any need to have more than one LastPass account. Since the application is web based you can use it at home, work or on the go by logging into your account. Your stored material will automatically and securely be added to your LastPass account. This ensures that your logins are always up to date.


There are a few options when it comes to the LastPass software. There is a 14 day free trial that will allow you access to all the features offered in the Premium Version. This allows you to decide if you need the features that are not offered in the Free Version. Basically, the Premium Version gives you the ability to use your LastPass software as much as you want with smartphones and tablets. Plus, there are a number of features available in this version that are not available in the Free Version.