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Clippit is an ingenious way to create short clips from live airing TV shows and movies, discover clips and share them. Think of animated GIFs on steroids. Instead of soundless low quality loops… Clippits are looping snippets of the actual video! The app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Clippit allows you to discover clips from live airing television created by other users. There are many categories so you may find such as a funny segment from a show or movie, an amazing feat from a sports event, an inspiring concert performance, and more. In the public stream is where you can discover “Clippits” or looping video clips with audio. And like all social networks you can vote, comment, follow, search, tag and share the content you find. There are other streams for discovering more highly rated content as well.

Clippit App

The awesome sauce of the app allows you to create your own clips by tapping the scissors icon. Here you will find more than thirty live airing movie and TV channels. If you do not find your show you can alert the developers to add later. These include networks like; ABC, A&E, CBS, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, ESPN, Food Network, Fox, MTV, NBC, Telemundo, TBS, TNT, The CW, and more! Here’s a rad example, say you happen to catch Seinfeld in the list and episode “The Little Kicks” airs – you can capture the segment of Elaine’s hilariously terrible dancing. The editor offers a convenient tool to scroll either through the timeline or thumbnails of the entire episode. Then you pull the trim sliders where you want to snip… and voilà! You can create a maximum 30 second looping clip for sharing with the network or other social media.

Clippit is an awesome new social app for discovering, creating and sharing up to 30 second clips from live TV shows and movies. There is already tons of interesting, funny, and awe-inspiring content in the app. With more users creating more content snippets this could be the next phenomenon app experience since Instagram!