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Clippit is an ingenious way to create short clips from live airing TV shows and movies, discover clips and share them. Think of animated GIFs on steroids. Instead of soundless low quality loops… Clippits are looping snippets of the actual video! The app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Clippit allows you to discover clips from live airing television created by other users. There are many categories so you may find such as a funny segment from a show or movie, an amazing feat from a sports event, an inspiring concert performance, and more. In the public stream is where you can discover “Clippits” or looping video clips with audio. And like all social networks you can vote, comment, follow, search, tag and share the content you find. There are other streams for discovering more highly rated content as well.

Clippit App

The awesome sauce of the app allows you to create your own clips by tapping the scissors icon. Here you will find more than thirty live airing movie and TV channels. If you do not find your show you can alert the developers to add later. These include networks like; ABC, A&E, CBS, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, ESPN, Food Network, Fox, MTV, NBC, Telemundo, TBS, TNT, The CW, and more! Here’s a rad example, say you happen to catch Seinfeld in the list and episode “The Little Kicks” airs – you can capture the segment of Elaine’s hilariously terrible dancing. The editor offers a convenient tool to scroll either through the timeline or thumbnails of the entire episode. Then you pull the trim sliders where you want to snip… and voilà! You can create a maximum 30 second looping clip for sharing with the network or other social media.

Clippit is an awesome new social app for discovering, creating and sharing up to 30 second clips from live TV shows and movies. There is already tons of interesting, funny, and awe-inspiring content in the app. With more users creating more content snippets this could be the next phenomenon app experience since Instagram!


AppBrain Ad Detector

AppBrain Ad Detector is a little app from AppTornado which helps you identify apps which have the potential to take liberties with your privacy and push ads on you in various ways. It offers a quick means to remove offending apps and reduce your exposure to possibly harmful malware. While I think there needs to be a level of sensibility, and I think there is always a case that security companies are keen on breeding fear among Android users, this remains a helpful little tool for identifying iffy apps and games.

The AppBrain Ad Detector app is available as a free download on Google Play.

AppBrain Ad Detector is a handy and simple tool to add to your mobile security arsenal. It quickly scans you device and lets you know if there are any potentially harmful apps or games on your Android. The app can identify apps and games which can display push notification ads and access phone logs.

AppBrain Ad Detector App

Now, while I do not disbelieve these kind of apps and games exist, I think they are perhaps rarer than Android security companies would like you to think. As a reviewer I download more apps and games than perhaps the average Android user and I have never experienced any apps that are really malicious. I personally think there’s reason to consider quite carefully about what you find by using the app. My experience of using it was relatively mundane- I didn’t find anything too scary and I had suspicions about the alleged ‘threats’ purported by the app.

After running this scan, I had three apps come up, all labelled as being able to display push notification ads. Upon closer inspection, and prolonged usage of these apps, I know full well their ‘push notifications’ are not harmful. One was Tiny Tower, this is a game we reviewed recently which very occasionally will remind me I need to do something in my sim-tower. It also tells me when someone adds me as a friend on the Mobage social network. It doesn’t push unwanted adverts on me. Another app was SoundTracking. This uses push notifications to suggest I share a track I’ve just played on my device. It doesn’t send unrelated adverts to my notification bar.

Therefore, while I think the app performs a useful function, I would suggest folks use some caution and read some of the small print before thinking apps are necessarily bad or harmful. Perhaps more harmful are the ones that can send SMS, Email or dial numbers on the press of an ad, and I think a common-sense approach is required. I was reading recently an article which suggested that there are quite a few relatively ineffectual security apps on Android, so I genuinely think users need to be wary about the language some security companies use. There is a lot of fear-mongering out there and threats are perhaps not as prolific as security companies would let you think.

If you do find iffy apps on your device, AppBrain Ad Detector lets you easily delete them. Touch the trash can icon and you are immediately taken to the application management screen to delete the offending app. It’s very easy to use and the UI is very simple and intuitive. I think everyone could use a little spring clean from time to time and, if you do occasionally have a session of downloading only to find one of the apps pesters you with spam notification, this is useful in identifying the offending app and remove it.

If you get dodgy pushed ads, or are concerned about your privacy – Ad Detector is a great solution for identifying potentially harmful apps and games. I think the app uses perhaps overly scary language, without really explaining why some apps have certain permissions, but it makes you aware of possible issues. I would suggest some caution is used if you decided to delete apps- check whether their activity is genuinely malicious or unwanted.

Definitely worth running a scan once or twice a week if you download a lot of applications and games. Perhaps less often if you only download software occasionally.

The interface is bright, but very basic. There are only a few screens and, while nicely designed, are very simplistic.

AppBrain Ad Detector UI

AppBrain Ad Detector is pretty handy and very simple to use. It only performs the one function and doesn’t explain the threats such ads contain- merely calling them ‘risky’-even if they are perhaps not. I object to some of the reductive language the app uses and would encourage users deploy some caution before removing apps and games purely on the basis that Ad Detector flagged them. However, it would appear to be pretty thorough and is quick and easy to use. Certainly give it a look, it can certainly help if you have plagued by annoying ads.

Password Manager Apps



Let’s face it, we live in a high tech world. Each and every day we enter the digital realm for a variety of reasons. In doing so, most websites require you to set up an account. With that comes a whole list of usernames and passwords that you have to remember. That can be a bit difficult, as we have accounts for hundreds of websites. Who could keep all that straight?

Do you ever wish you had an application that could remember your passwords? Are you worried about security? Security is a huge worry when it comes to online passwords, because many of these websites we include credit card numbers or personal information within the account that we set up. On this site, you will find a spy app called flexispy which allows someone to read the passwords contained in your mobile devices.

You’re in luck, LastPass is a software application that remembers your passwords for you. You no longer have to reset your passwords multiple times, because you keep forgetting which password goes with what web site. Once the software is downloaded, LastPass will always be with you, rather you are logging in, creating a password for a new account, or generating an order.



You will need to set up a new user account, which will include an email and an extra secure password. However, this will be the last password that you will have to remember. You will need to download the software version that is suggested for your browser. Once the download is complete, LastPass will be displayed as an add-on in your web browser. You will need to click into the software application, and login to get started.

LastPass free download:

Saving Passwords

Once you have logged into your LastPass account, begin going to the sites that you have accounts set up for. When visiting these sites, you will be asked if you want LassPass to securely keep your login details. You will be able to focus on the things that matter, rather than trying to guess a password. LassPass will ensure you waste no time getting to the content that you need. This software will do all the brain work, so you can get on with the things that need to be tended to. The time saved with the use of LassPass is worth so much to the individuals who live busy lifestyles.


To ensure that you are protected, the LassPass application uses an AES 256-bit encryption, which basically means your data stored in LastPass is highly guarded. Your information goes through a local encryption and decryption before it even reaches the LastPass software. Your information remains on your system, and is never unveiled to LastPass. Therefore, your sensitive material is only obtainable by you.

There is an option to secure your LastPass login even more. You can include a second login measure that must be reached before accessing your information. This is just another way the makers of Lastpass ensures security and privacy.

One Account

There is never any need to have more than one LastPass account. Since the application is web based you can use it at home, work or on the go by logging into your account. Your stored material will automatically and securely be added to your LastPass account. This ensures that your logins are always up to date.


There are a few options when it comes to the LastPass software. There is a 14 day free trial that will allow you access to all the features offered in the Premium Version. This allows you to decide if you need the features that are not offered in the Free Version. Basically, the Premium Version gives you the ability to use your LastPass software as much as you want with smartphones and tablets. Plus, there are a number of features available in this version that are not available in the Free Version.

Android Apps

App Lock

App LockMost people purchase smartphones and tablets with the intention of them being a personal device. Unfortunately, they do not get treated in the way you intended them to. It is all too easy to hand off your tablet or smartphone to show your friend, spouse, child, or family member this “cool thing” you found App Lock is a program that can take the stress out of handing off what was supposed to be a personal device to someone else. This application can be used with Android smartphones and tablets.

Who and Why It Is Used

Imagine having a somewhat intimate and personal picture of your spouse on your phone. Now, imagine handing your phone off to your mother or grandmother because they want to make a call or look something up online. You remember you have the picture sitting on your phone, and start to feel anxious. The last thing you want is the awkward feelings associated with anyone but you or your spouse looking at those pictures.

With App Lock, you do not have to worry about deleting or hiding things on your phone you do not want other people to see. You also do not have to worry about investing in a second phone just to have those intimate pictures of your spouse. With App Lock, you can lock up certain apps and areas on your phone that you really do not want to share with other people.

How to Use

Fortunately, App Lock is a pretty easy program to use. There is a main page that will list all of the applications you have installed on your tablet or smartphone. You can lock any of these applications using the toggle slider on the page.

With App Lock, you can also lock the ability to do certain things with your phone. This includes making calls, sending text messages, browsing the Internet, downloading apps, or uninstalling apps. These limitations can come in handy if you have a younger child who enjoys playing with your phone.

With the app, you will have the option of setting a PIN code or you can set a swipe pattern. The only way to access anything you have a lock on is by knowing the PIN code or swipe pattern you set.


App Lock Feature

No one likes the idea of having to explain why they don’t want to share their cell phone. Furthermore, you probably can’t stand when your spouse or child plays your favorite game on your phone and beats several levels – you wanted to do that! With App Lock, you do not have to worry about who uses your phone. Even if you are not holding the phone, this application allows you to be in complete control of what the person holding it can and cannot do.

This app is a great idea for shared tablets and cell phones. It is a must-have for parents. You won’t find an easier way to lock your child out of performing certain actions on your Android phone than this one.

Download App Lock from Google Play.