App Lock

App LockMost people purchase smartphones and tablets with the intention of them being a personal device. Unfortunately, they do not get treated in the way you intended them to. It is all too easy to hand off your tablet or smartphone to show your friend, spouse, child, or family member this “cool thing” you found App Lock is a program that can take the stress out of handing off what was supposed to be a personal device to someone else. This application can be used with Android smartphones and tablets.

Who and Why It Is Used

Imagine having a somewhat intimate and personal picture of your spouse on your phone. Now, imagine handing your phone off to your mother or grandmother because they want to make a call or look something up online. You remember you have the picture sitting on your phone, and start to feel anxious. The last thing you want is the awkward feelings associated with anyone but you or your spouse looking at those pictures.

With App Lock, you do not have to worry about deleting or hiding things on your phone you do not want other people to see. You also do not have to worry about investing in a second phone just to have those intimate pictures of your spouse. With App Lock, you can lock up certain apps and areas on your phone that you really do not want to share with other people.

How to Use

Fortunately, App Lock is a pretty easy program to use. There is a main page that will list all of the applications you have installed on your tablet or smartphone. You can lock any of these applications using the toggle slider on the page.

With App Lock, you can also lock the ability to do certain things with your phone. This includes making calls, sending text messages, browsing the Internet, downloading apps, or uninstalling apps. These limitations can come in handy if you have a younger child who enjoys playing with your phone.

With the app, you will have the option of setting a PIN code or you can set a swipe pattern. The only way to access anything you have a lock on is by knowing the PIN code or swipe pattern you set.


App Lock Feature

No one likes the idea of having to explain why they don’t want to share their cell phone. Furthermore, you probably can’t stand when your spouse or child plays your favorite game on your phone and beats several levels – you wanted to do that! With App Lock, you do not have to worry about who uses your phone. Even if you are not holding the phone, this application allows you to be in complete control of what the person holding it can and cannot do.

This app is a great idea for shared tablets and cell phones. It is a must-have for parents. You won’t find an easier way to lock your child out of performing certain actions on your Android phone than this one.

Download App Lock from Google Play.